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We provide like-minded individuals with a location and opportunity to prepare intelligently and effectively for an attack in reality. We provide unarmed training that deals with hand to hand situations, knife stabs and slashes, being held at knife- or gunpoint, handgun disarms, rifle disarms and disarming of an attacker who uses a baton, bat, stick, club, screwdriver, bottle etc. We cover rape-defense and hijacking as well as kidnapping and hostage situations. We believe that failing to prepare is preparing to fail and we therefore also coach members to be able to use a firearm effectively under pressure. We are constantly practising, troubleshooting, learning, improving and refining, and this is a process that all our members share in. When you train with us, you train what we train. You are free to ask questions or request to see proof of ability at any time. We learn by doing and we offer you what we know. It’s as simple as that.


Join Us For The Best Fitness And Self-Defense Training In Islip, Lindenhurst, & Suffolk County!

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